• Housing
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    This is a message from the Housing Director, Richard Daychief

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  • Finance

    Our Finance Department is a trusted partner with the Nations Leadership, management and members in helping Sunchild achieve its vision and mission.

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  • FNDF
    FNDF Funding

    Projects that receive FNDF grants are determined by the community priorities set by each First Nations Chief and Council.

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  • Child Welfare
    Family Services

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  • Public Works
    Public Works

    Mission Statement "To ensure community member safety and well-being by abiding specified safety protocols and providing essential services and resources."

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  • Traditional Land Use
    Traditional Land Use

    Sunchild First Nation Traditional Land Use and Consultation Department over sees the consultation process between industry, government, Alberta energy regulator and the nation. Through the consultation process, we coordinate site assessments with the proponent and our local elders on proposed projec…

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