Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

Sunchild First Nation Believes our nations members have the dedication, perseverance, and commitment to effectively participate in Canada's economy.

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy is a "Skills and Employment" in partnership with Yellowhead Tribal Development fund-YTDF and three other nations including - O'chiese/Alexis/Alexander First Nations. 

ASETS is designed to improve the employment opportunities of our nations members, and assist members in delivering employment/training supports to the ready, willing and able work force community. 

  • Safety ticket training
  • Trades apprenticeship supports
  • Driver's training 
  • individual training 
  • Employment related costs
  • Heavy Equipment operator training
  • Security training 
  • Transportation services
  • Completion bonuses
  • Supports in resume/telephone use/job searching/fax/email

ASETS/HRD Manager- Jessica Goodrunning 

ASETS Data Clerk- Amelia Lagrelle