Public Works

Public Works

Sunchild Public Works StaffSunchild Public Works Staff

Mission Statement
"To ensure community member safety and well-being by abiding specified safety protocols and providing essential services and resources."

Department Duties and responsibilities: 

  • Perform daily monitoring and chlorination of private wells
  • Issuing boil advisories when necessary 
  • Maintenance, servicing and monitoring of community systems
  • Ensure private community road ways are maintained and safe 
  • Install and maintain private sewage systems
  • Maintaining and operations of waste transfer site

Infrastructure and Resources:

  • Waste transfer station 
  • Public works building 
  • Fire hall 
  • Garbage/Septic trucks 
  • Pump Houses
  • Fire hydrants
  • Sewage systems 
  • Culvertrs

Sunchild currently has 2 grader operators, 3 HVAC operators, 2 Plumbers, 4 Maintenance Repairmen, 2 Heavy Equipment operators

Public Works Manager: Rhonda Goodrunning 

Phone: 403-989-2242 or 403-989-3740